LED (light emitting diodes) lightings are most environmentally friendly and in terms of running cost are most economic types of lighting used in sign business, obviously LED could be used inside the boxes with translucent (usually opal acrylic) front panels to create face lighting, or inside letters to create face lighting or halo effect, but we could utilize modular RGB type to change colour of lighting intermittently with desirable speed and choice of colour. The concept is based on all colours are somehow mixture of red, green, blue colours with different proportions and this will be done by a simple wireless remote control which is connected to sequencer and power supply (low voltage transformer) and colours would be programmed to change to another colour or stay there for as long as needed or even in flashing mode continously then re-programmed again.

Nestons Nestons Nestons Nestons

LED (Individual Letters)

Internal LED Aluminium Face Boxes

Internal Stainless Steel Boxes